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and impact

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You watch Reels all. of. the. time. 

Especially at 2 am and when you reallllyyy don’t feel like doing work.

Then, you go to make them for your own business. And you feel…


that you’re not getting thousands of eyes on your content 


that your Reels aren’t bringing you any new followers, clients or customers


because everyone keeps on GUSHING about Reels (and you’re watching them skyrocket with jaw-dropping results) 


by all of the transitions, audio options, and effects (how do I make mine look like that?) 


to change your ways so that you can see your own reel success! 

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Reels changed the Instagram world.

And they are here to stay! Here’s why it is time for you to start utilizing reels and short video marketing to get the real results you are craving.

Video Content Is Queen.

We saw it on TikTok, now we see it on IG. People love to get lost in the scroll of bite-sized video content. With our short attention spans and need for human connection, video content tends to get (and keep) the most eyeballs out of any type of content. 

But before you can reap the rewards of Instagram Reels, you have to know how to 

adapt a solid reel strategy to your business.


Our signature Reels-focussed course takes you step-by-step to create scroll stopping Reels that engage your audience and drive traffic to your IG page in 4 weeks!!

By taking the course, you will…

Say “bye” to the reel-creation overwhelm and enjoy creating them. 

Turn your brand into an engaged community. 

Learn how to do all the ~fancy~ reel techniques you’ve been trying to figure out.

Increase your influence and expand your impact on the world.

Attract more followers who love both you and your brand.

Bring in more sales and put more $$$ in the bank. 

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wall of fame

These past students leveled up their IG accounts AND their businesses.

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What's inside

What's inside

the Rise With Reels 4-Week Self-Paced Course

Module 1

Creating Your Reel 

Learn how to record and edit your reels with all the tools you need!! See our secrets for music, voiceovers, audio, and effects. You’ll start showing up as a video pro. 

Module 2

Crafting Scroll-Stopping Content 

Come up with incredible content ideas, so you’re never left scrambling, wondering what to post. We’ll give you the 4 golden pillars you need to entertain your audience and stand out in the feed!

Module 3

Mastering Transitions 

You know you love ‘em. We're teaching you our seamless transition technique so that you can hook your audience and keep them coming back for more. PLUS loads of transition tutorials!

Module 4

Selling In Disguise 

Use Reels to sell authentically and attracting your dream client to you! No “icky” sales feelings over here because you’ll be selling from your heart and sharing your unique gifts with the world. 

Module 1

Creating Your Reel 

• How to plan, shoot & edit

• Our exclusive planning sheet

• How to get music on your Reels

• Creating a voiceover

Module 2

Scroll-Stopping Content 

• Generating engaging content ideas

• How to batch create your reels 

• How to avoid common mistakes

• Reels without showing your face

Module 3

Mastering Transitions 

• The secret to nailing transitions

• Key techniques behind creating
 seamless transitions

• Tutorials on popular transitions 

Module 4

Selling In Disguise 

• How to sell in disguise 

• Including a Sales call in your Reel

• Creating an effective launch strategy using Reels

+ Access to Our Exclusive FB Community 

Connect with other reelers and collaborate with them. You never know, you could meet your next business partner or biz bestie. 

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Exclusive Access


plus the following:

Personalised Reel ideas

For you during our sessions 

Weekly LIVE Q&A session

Where you have all of your Reels questions answered (This will run for the duration of the 4 week course). The Q&A sessions are recorded so you can watch them anytime.

supportive private community

 Access to a private FB community

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What Level Is This For?


You've never done a Reel before and you have no idea where to start, or you've done a few Reels and they just take way too much time to create. But you've seen how incredible Reels are and you're ready to give it a real go.


You've created a few Reels before and you've taught yourself. Your Reels are doing okay but you know you could be getting better results from them. You're ready to take them to the next level and learn all of Mon & Alisha's tips and tricks to take into your Reels.

You can’t miss this if you’re a…

Service-Based Business 

…who’s ready to take their brand to the next level, attract their dream clients on Instagram and stand out as a leader in your industry. But you’ve been feeling completely stuck with your Reels and have no idea how to make them better. 

Product-Based Business 

…who are feeling confused about how to use Reels for your brand. And you’re finally ready to see those CRAZY results happen for you too!

Brands, Influencers, Creators

…who wants to become a leader on Instagram but your normal content just isn’t cutting it anymore! You want your content to attract BIG brands, pain collaborations and big clients to work with YOU!

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If you’re not creating reels, you’re leaving money on the table.

We said it, and we’re sure as heck not taking it back.

We’ve seen way too many of our reelers come in as skeptics and leave as confident Reel-lovers.

They not only grow their account but see their businesses flourish as a result of their newfound reel strategy. 

And you’re next.

Gain so much traction that your side hustle becomes full-time.

Get seen by the right people who will ask you to be in a magazine, on a podcast and host your own pop up shop

Generate so much traction that you become a leader, launch a course, sell out your launches and have fun doing it!

This all happened for our Reelers in 3 months!

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and watch your Reels elevate your entire IG marketing strategy

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Meet your reels queens


I’m your fudge brownie-loving IG cheerleader. With a degree in Communications, digital media and video production, I live for bite-sized content that shows off your personality (while making you money at the same time!!)

Because if you’re having fun with your content, the whole world will feel it AND they’ll definitely want to be a part of what you’re creating. 

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I started The Socialista as a social media management business and REELS transformed it into a multiple 6-figure coaching business just 9 months after going full-time in my business! 

Working with service-based businesses and coaches, I help you standout on socials and turn your followers into dollars.


Hey, I’m ALISHA!

I’m your shameless dog lover and Instagram hype girl!

Specialising in Instagram & Reels – I focus my zone of genius with product businesses & lifestyle brands.

Little did I realise, but when I first picked up a video camera at the age of 13… my passion for video production was only just beginning.

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I went on to study media, and then a Bachelor in Film & Television.

After working in the media and television world for two years, I left my 9-5 job to make a lasting impact in this world.

Nothing lights me up more than helping you to create your own impact and celebrating your wins with you.  


more reel results

See what previous students have to say.

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Is Rise With Reels for me?

We’ve designed Rise With Reels to be perfect for the Reels Newbie, Reels Beginner and someone who is intermediate in creating Reels. 
We take you step-by-step in creating Reels, coming up with scroll-stopping ideas, transitions and using them to sell. 

The course is 4 weeks, but do we get access after the 4 weeks?

You sure do! We recommend you work your way through one module, each week. However, the course is completely self-paced. You will gain access to the whole course for a year after purchase so you have plenty of time to go through it (and re-watch any video you would like!)

Is the course live?

The Rise With Reels Course is self-paced which means you can go through each video at a time that works for you. However, if you would like a Q&A with Mon & Alisha, the VIP upgrade is perfect for you!


If you feel that you already have a great understanding of Reels, this is where our advanced Reels course comes in, Reels Queens. Click here to find out more.

How long will it take for me to complete?

In total, the course is just over 5 hours over 4 modules. One module is released every week and requires between 1 - 1.5 hours every week.

What is the format like?

It's a 4-week program that is self paced so you can do it in your own time. However, we recommend for you to complete one module per week so you can participate in the weekly challenge. The modules are broken down into smaller bite-sized videos; ranging from 2-15 minutes per video.

What else is inside the course?

Access to out 4 week course with step by step tutorials + videos.

Access to our Instagram Reels Community Instagram page where we keep you updated on all the new features, updates and changes.
Weekly challenges to keep you accountable and start applying what you've learnt into Reels.

Reel recording sessions with Monique and Alisha to show you our tips and tricks in realtime.

Transition Tutorials.

Our Instagram Reels planning sheet (trust us, this is a HUGE time saver!).

Our Content eBooks - The Content Blueprint which helps you with content ideas, music suggestions and everything in between.

Our Reels Checklist to make sure you have everything in order before you upload it so you can press post with confidence. 

Do we get access to Mon & Alisha in the course?

Rise with Reels is completely self-paced! If you'd like more access to Mon & Alisha, Reels Queens is for you.

Do you accept all currencies?

We do! The course is in US Dollars, but when you purchase, this will convert to your currency.

This is a global course, so we have students all over the world like; Australia, United States, UK, Egypt, Italy, India, Germany, Canada, NZ + so many more!

I don’t have music on my account

That's perfectly fine! We teach you how to get the music feature on your account, or, different strategies you can use to include popular music on your Reels.

I’m not confident showing my face in Reels, will this work for me?

YES! You don’t need to show your face in Reels to see success! We have dedicated videos inside the course to give you ideas that don’t require you to show your face. We also have a BONUS Masterclass with a world renowned Confidence Coach to help you gain the confidence to post Reels and stay consistent.

What if I can’t afford the payment plans?

We have introduced the two payment plans to be as accessible as possible.

Can I pay through PayPal instead?

Yes!!! When paying in full, you can use PayPal to process the payment. Click here for the Rise With Reels Self Paced Course Paypal Portal or to the Rise With Reels Course + VIP Course Paypal Portal 

When does the course start?

From the moment you hit JOIN! Module 1 is waiting for you inside.