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You know your Reels are decent. But a lot of the time, they just don’t get the HUGE traction you’re looking for.

The worst thing is: you have no idea why. Which means you don’t even know what you need to do differently. 
You’re confused, because on paper you’re doing all the right things – from using seamless transition techniques to selling authentically. 

Tired of watching everyone else’s Reels consistently take off 🚀 while yours consistently fall flat?

You hate feeling left behind while other biz owners KICK ASS and use Reels to hit their 6-figure revenue goals. 

They are getting you more views, more comments, more engagement, and more sales than you’ve ever had before.
The real problem is you’re just not seeing the 💥 explosive 💥 success you know you’re capable of.
Right now, you’re a small fish in a big pond. 
But you…you were BORN to be a big fish, and you are DONE playing small.

Your Reels are working!

Wanna know the good news? 

Double or triple your revenue by selling out your 1:1 services, products and launches

What you need (more than going viral) is the ability to create Reels that…

You want to go VIRAL! 
And we get it…viral is SEXY! 😛
But having a Reel go viral is useless when it doesn’t translate into more money, more clients, or more opportunities for your business.

It’s time for you to create ORIGINAL Reels that help you stand out from the crowd and convert more of your followers into sales.

Establish you as a leader in your space who’s lightyears ahead of everyone else in your industry

Bring you a flood of DMs that lead to seamless and automagic sales

Get you invited onto the most popular podcasts so you can reach new audiences

Land you paid speaking gigs that bring in extra revenue and followers

Turn your small business into a global brand that can hold its own on the international stage

If you want to see these results, you’re going to have to take your Reels strategy to the next level. 

Not enough.

That beginner’s course you took (maybe it was our intro course, Rise With Reels?)...

But here’s what you don’t know…

To get to scroll-stopping, mind-blowing, sales-generating Reels?

The knowledge you have right now isn’t enough.

Not enough.

That free Reels masterclass or workshop? 

Definitely not enough.

Following a kajillion different Instagram accounts hoping you get struck by inspiration (...or that you find the trending audio that’ll make your account go viral)?

You need a Reels strategy that’ll take you from creating fun, small-impact Reels…
To Reels that bring you REEL cash, REEL opportunities and REEL business growth.

If you wanna BE the best, you’ve got to LEARN from the best

That’d be us: Mon & Alisha

The ONLY reels coaches Instagram has officially named “Reels Pros”

Since you’re here, you probably already know us! (Heyyy! 👋)
But just in case you don’t…

We first met when Alisha slid into my (Mon’s) DM’s, and after a whirlwind of a friendship that involved Monday morning check-ins and video dance parties, we decided to start a business together…
When we finally did meet IRL after 9 months of already being business partners, the first thing Alisha said to me was, “Wow, you're short!" 
(Talk about an anti-climax!) 🤪

your biz besties, your cheerleaders and bona fide Reels Pros who are dedicated to helping you skyrocket your business. 

We’re Mon & Alisha: 

We co-created the world’s first Reels course: Rise With Reels (for beginner Reelers)
We’ve made over a million in revenue from Rise With Reels.
We’ve supported 900+ business owners in creating Reels that help grow their business
We’re the ONLY Reels coaches Instagram has named "Reels Pros" (yes, the official Instagram!) 

We’ve been featured in national newspapers, on national radio and podcasts, and I (Alisha!) was asked to host my own podcast with Nova! 
We’ve spoken at some of the biggest conferences, The IG Summit and Digital Marketers Australia
We’re certified pros with university degrees in video marketing, communications, film and digital media AND we have practical experience in journalism and television


We’ve made over
in revenue from Reels
(in just 10 months) 💰😍

Let’s not forget: between our two solo businesses and Rise With Reels…

We know Reels has the potential to blow up your business, because that’s exactly what it’s done for us AND our clients! 
Our Reels strategy has been tried and tested on ourselves before anyone else. 
And seeing what’s possible has only made us more committed to teaching you how to use Reels more strategically and more profitably.  
Wanna get to know us one-on-one? Let’s do this!

Before Reels came out, I felt like I was hiding behind a screen.

But after Reels, I was *finally* able to showcase my WHOLE personality (and make the most of my video marketing degree!)
That’s when everything changed for me.

Hey, I’m Monique!

(But my friends call me Mon 🥰)

In one year, I used Reels to turn my small business into a multi-six figure global brand (AND grow my Instagram following from 5K to 80K).

I had the visibility and authority to raise my prices, I was booked out months in advance with clients, and I was completely in LOVE with my work!

Hey, I’m Monique!

(But my friends call me Mon 🥰)

I’m living proof that you can use your Instagram presence to unlock your next stage in business and turn followers into dollars 💸 – even in the middle of a pandemic.
One thing you should know about me is that I’m high energy, fun-loving and free-spirited…

Hey, I’m Monique!

(But my friends call me Mon 🥰)

The kinda girl who gets up and starts dancing by herself when she hears her favourite song. (Hope you appreciate that more than my friends do! 😂) 
But when it comes to helping business owners like you step into the next-level version of yourself…I couldn’t be more serious. 

Hey, I’m Monique!

(But my friends call me Mon 🥰)

I’m that ride or die, in-it-till-you-win-it coach that you always want in your corner.
Those incredible moments when my Reelers and Queens exceed their own expectations? Those are the moments I LIVE for.

Hey, I’m Monique!

(But my friends call me Mon 🥰)

So, if you’re an action-taker and a go-getter who’s ready to see the kind of business growth I’ve had…
Let’s work together so we can create those life-changing moments for you.

Hey, I’m Monique!

(But my friends call me Mon 🥰)


I’m a free, risk-taking, ice-coffee addict who’s the life and soul of every party 💃 
It feels hard to believe now, but my journey to Reels starts with a girl who felt impact-less. 
At the time, I was working in the world of TV and sports. Sounds exciting, right? 

Hey, I’m  Alisha Marfatia!

The Yin to Mon’s Yang 😘

But in reality, I was stuck in a man’s world where I was made to feel small, insignificant, and like my work had no meaning.
After two years of that, I decided to ditch the 9 to 5 and build my solo social media biz: The Social Impact. 
This new version of me was determined to make an impact on a global level. 

Hey, I’m  Alisha Marfatia!

The Yin to Mon’s Yang ;)

I promised myself I would never feel powerless again, and I didn’t – not even after the pandemic hit and I lost ALL my clients. 
(Don’t worry, I picked myself up again pretty quickly!)

Hey, I’m  Alisha Marfatia!

The Yin to Mon’s Yang ;)

Today, I run a multi-six figure global brand, I’m the host of the Build Your Brand podcast with NOVA Entertainment, and I’ve been featured in the Herald Sun. (Did you see me?!) 
I’ve found my calling as a Reels Queen, a Marketing Mentor and a full-time cheerleader to thousands of female entrepreneurs around the world.

Hey, I’m  Alisha Marfatia!

The Yin to Mon’s Yang ;)

And I’m on a mission to help YOU transform yourself and your business from impactless...to epicly-impactful.

Hey, I’m  Alisha Marfatia!

The Yin to Mon’s Yang ;)


“This Reel just BLEW UP my business!” 🔥

What you NEED is the knowledge and skills to create advanced Reels that take you from “cute Reel” to…

You don’t need complicated Reels to reach your business goals. 

You don’t need to splash your cash on paid ads.

You don’t need to post Reels two or three times a day. (Because quality over quantity all day every day!)

And you don’t even need a huge following. 

You HAVE what it takes to build the business you’ve been dreaming about..

If you’re ready for that, we have just the thing! 

The advanced course and community that gives you the skills to SKYROCKET your business with original think-outside-the-box Reels

Our intro course, Rise With Reels, was just the beginning.


(which is kinda perfect since Instagram is officially favouring original content. Don’t ya think? 🤩)

But now, you’re ready to use Reels in a way that brings you the success we’ve seen over the past year. 

Reels Queens is the next level, and it’s strictly for business owners who've mastered the Reels basics.

You LOVE creating Reels and you know how to use them to bring you new followers and sales.

Say bye to little tips and tricks that bring you little results 

And hi to advanced Reels techniques that double your sales, establish you as THE go-to industry leader, and turn your small business into a magnetic, global brand 

 7-module course and an exclusive Facebook community.

Reels Queens is made up of a

By the time you’ve finished the course content (7 modules released over 7 weeks), you’ll have the skills to create Reels that:

Double your income even though you’re working less.

(Because you’ve cracked the code and now Instagram makes you sales on autopilot)

Book out your 1:1 services

(no more feast and famine for you)

Make your product fly off the shelves

because you know how to get noticed by your target audience

Sell out all the spots on your course launch

because you’re the ONLY person your audience wants to learn from

Are STANDOUT, creative and original,

and break from the standard trends we all love to scroll past

Create quality Reels in half the time

(and spend the time you save having fun with your family and friends)

Allow you to collaborate with big brands that offer INSANE PR opportunities 

(and pay you for them too!)

Elevate your brand so you can clearly articulate and position yourself

as the leading authority in your industry

Get noticed by your role models 

and have them reach out to you with opportunities

Let you quit your day job

and make your side-hustle your only hustle

We’ve helped hundreds of business owners use Reels to elevate their income, confidence, and authority. 

Wanna meet some of them? 🥳

Meet Kelly 

When Kelly paid for Facebook ads to drive traffic to her product, she made A$2800. 
After she learnt how to create Reels with us, she switched off her paid ads and started selling her product organically with Reels. She made A$4,755 and is now making $70K *MONTHS*! #QUEEN! 👑

AKA @skinqueeen

When Kelly paid for Facebook ads to drive traffic to her product, she made A$2800. 
After she learnt how to create Reels with us, she switched off her paid ads and started selling her product organically with Reels. She made A$4,755 and is now making $70K *MONTHS*! #QUEEN! 👑

Sales using Paid Ads 

Sales without paid ads and just using Reel


Meet Adrian

After uplevelling with our training, Adrian’s Reels took him from hobby food blogger to pro food photographer who gets paid to dine at restaurants and collab with brands like DoorDash!

His most recent collab with Genobile Saba (one of his fave brands) was featured in Australian Women’s Weekly! 🎉 #KING!! 👑

AKA @melbournefoodnerd

Adrian's Photography feature in one of Australia's top magazines!

Meet Kate

Since getting GREAT at Reels and learning how to use them for her business, Kate has been featured by TV show Steph's Packed Lunch and BBC Food.

Kate was also invited to host a pop-up shop in London’s OXFORD STREET! 😱 All because she was spotted in a Reel! #QUEEN! 👑

AKA @thefullfreezer

From Reels to Magazine article, live TV segment and her own pop up shop on Oxford Street!

Meet Julia

Dr. Julia, a Flow Educator and Coach, says learning how to create impactful Reels changed her LIFE. 

She grew her following from 5,000 to 15,600 with ONE Reel. And that one Reel was viewed by 5.6 million people. 

Now, she’s not just a Coach, she’s a Celebrity Coach! #QUEEN! 👑

AKA @drjuliacolangelo









*Reelers from Rise With Reels get a 10% discount!

Ready to supercharge YOUR business with scroll-stopping, trendsetting, original Reels?

(Keep reading to find out what you’ll learn inside Reels Queens 👇)

Reels Queens takes your video marketing knowledge to the next level.

 Because advanced cinematography skills aren't just for fancy Hollywood films. They’re for you too.


Get access to our exclusive resource: 16 Reels You Can Create Today

Find out which market research activities you should conduct to help you define your target audience and niche. This’ll help you create Reels based on what your target audience wants to see (instead of what you think they want to see) 

Find out the best time to post your Reels so they get seen by your target audience

Discover the key to creating an effective Reels report that you can use to inform your Reels strategy

Learn how to self-audit your Reels with our Self Audit Table, so you can figure out how to replicate Reels that are performing well for you

With the right data at your fingertips, you can figure out what Reels your audience want, why they want it, and when – instead of just hoping for the best.

This is the foundational work most people like to skip, but you’ll only see success with Reels if you start here.

In this module, you’ll…

It’s time to stop relying on luck and start relying on data. 

Understand Your Audience 



Find out the difference between a Viral Reel vs. a Sales Reel and when to use them

Discover the different ways you can use Reels to promote your email list, masterclasses, workshops and podcast interviews. (Because nobody wants to see another audiogram!)

Create an effective Reels strategy so you can sell out your courses, products and services

Define your metric goals so you can post with intention and measure your performance

Establish what your brand is, and how to make it shine through Reels

In this module, you’ll…

Now you have all the data you need, it’s time to use that information to create a Reels strategy that aligns with your brand.

Plan Your Reels Strategy



Find out how to use testimonials in Reels effectively, so they do the hard work of selling for you

Discover how to flip trends so your creativity brings you the attention you’ve been waiting for

Get THE secret to telling stories that lead to sales. (Tried and tested by yours truly!)

Learn how to use Reels to create credibility and promote your own brand story, so you can attract PR, podcasts, paid partnerships, and speaking opportunities that expand your reach and increase your sales

Find out how to create advanced Reels that allow you to be original and show up as an industry leader. This includes Talking Reels, Montage Reels, Inspirational Reels, Point of View Character Reels, Mindset Reels, and more

It’s time to stand out from the crowd and get creative and original with different types of Reels.

In this module, you’ll…

Sure, you know how to make a decent Reel, but you’re stuck on the same trend train as every other Reels creator on Instagram. 

Different Kinds of Reels 


Understand how to produce a Reels series that creates momentum and hooks your audience. (We’ll even give you ideas you can start using ASAP!)

Get the skills to mix your own audio so you’re no longer limited by trending sounds

Figure out how to recognise and stay ahead of trends, and also when it’s too late to jump on a trend

Learn advanced cinematography techniques (courtesy of our 6 figure university degrees in video marketing, communications, film and television!) so you can understand the meaning and power behind different camera angles, shots, and styles

Find out how to use calls to action that get your audience to hit that BUY button without delay. (We’ve got scripts ready and waiting for you!)


Discover advanced editing techniques for film and audio that let you create advanced Reels transitions and music mash-ups. (Who doesn’t love a good mash-up?!)

Create memorable, next-level Reels with advanced cinematography skills that inspire emotion and action from your target audience. (Get ready to learn about high-level cinematography, film technology, and marketing psychology that’ll bring you sustainable growth)

Learn how to keep your audience engaged with extra elements like props, GIFs, colours, highlights, different fonts, and iconic edits that are unique to you 

Get rid of the perfectionism and overthinking that leads to your “Should I post it? Should I not post it?” … dilemma – the reason you have 100 Reels saved to yours drafts right now

Establish your posting schedule and create a consistency plan that works for you. (Effective? Yes. Efficient? Yes. Overwhelmed? Never.)

It’s time to use all this knowledge to start creating your Reels!

In this module, you’ll…

You have your data, you have your winning strategy, and you know how to make your original Reels stand out from the crowd.

Create, Edit and Post Your Advanced Reels


Learn how to post search engine optimised captions for your Reels so you’re searchable and findable


Find out how to recognise which Reels should be repurposed (from those that did and didn’t perform well)

Discover the best ways to repurpose Reels into different content types, so your Reels are always working hard for you

Learn how to generate leads and sales on autopilot with automations. (I – that’s Monique – will even teach you the method that got my ONE Reel to result in 1000 new subscribers, 1000 views every minute, and 300+ new followers in my community, without doing anything more than hitting ‘Share’. Seriously, I just posted my Reel and walked away)

You don’t have time or energy to sit there selling in the DMs – which is why we teach you how to generate leads and sales on autopilot.

In this module, you’ll…

You’ve got A LOT on your plate. 

Instagram Automation and Optimisation



Use Reels to create a presence for your brand beyond Instagram (because there are no limits to your success!)

Get yourself onto global podcasts so you can be the name on everyone’s lips!

Leverage Reels so you can attract PR opportunities. (It’s more than possible! Did you see me (Alisha) in the Herald Sun?)

Learn how to use Reels to attract paid collaborations with big brands that’ll help establish you as an industry leader

Now you have a Reels strategy that works, it’s time for your business to get noticed by the right people 🚀

In this module, you’ll…

The best (and fastest) way to turn your small business into a GLOBAL business with Reels is by working on your exposure.

Amplify Your Brand on a Global Level



100+ Content Prompts List for those days when you have no idea what to post. (It happens to everyone!)

Advanced InShot Tutorials that teach you how to edit in time with the music, and use the Picture in Picture and Masking functions to make your Reels more engaging

Tips For More Views – because the more eyes on your Reels, the more potential sales

In this final module, we’ll teach you some easy-to-implement tips that are the cherry on top of your latest Reels knowledge, including…

Even after 6 modules of actionable, lead-generating, money-making Reels training, we still have more to share with you.

Cherry On Top (Bonus Module)


Zoomerang, Videoleap, Splice and Kajabi tutorials so you can make the most of apps and platforms that enhance your Reels and make Reels creation as easy as possible

The Reels Queens community is a space for all Queens (past and present) to support each other, hold each other accountable, and help each other get consistent in creating Queens-certified Reels.

Because Once a Queen, Always a Queen 👑

Did we mention you’ll also get
Lifetime access to the Reels Queens Community?!  

You won’t lose access to this goldmine of connections, creativity and inspiration once you finish the Reels Queens course. We’ll be right by your side as you put your new skills into action.

As a Queen, you’ll get our Instagram updates before anyone else.
When Instagram is glitching and deleting all your drafts, we’ll tell you what to do. When Instagram starts favouring original content (that’s already happened!) we’ll tell you how to get your Reels seen.

Mon & Alisha’s Must-Know Instagram Updates

So, what’s inside this exclusive community?

Once you’re a Reel Queen, you’ll have unlimited access to…

Every second Friday, you’ll get the chance to post a Reel and have it reviewed by one of us (Alisha/Mon) or our Reels-Pro team member. 

We’ll tell you where you’re going right and wrong, and how you can improve your Reels so you get maximum results.

Feedback Fridays

With access to Queens who are leaders in their industry, you’ll get the chance to collaborate and build relationships with people who can help take your business to the next level. 

Get invited to speak on podcasts, at live events, and to do collabs with the best Queens in the business.

Unlimited Collaborations

You’ll also get these two unmissable bonus trainings…

We’re not TikTok experts, but we are video marketing experts. 

What we teach you in Reels Queens can absolutely benefit you on other platforms too, so why not turn Reels into TikToks (if you want to!) so you can maximise your time, effort, and sales?

We’ll have our favourite TikTok expert teach you everything you need to get started with repurposing. 

How to Turn Your Reels into TikToks

We’ve built our Reels empire and had six-figure launches without using any ads. We believe in the power of organic Reels before anything else. 

However, we don’t want you to disregard the opportunity that paid ads can bring to the right business owner with the right offer. 

In this training, you’ll learn how to use your Reels as ads so you can increase your reach and your ROI.

Using Your Reels for Paid Ads 









*Reelers from Rise With Reels get a 10% discount!

Ready to supercharge YOUR business with scroll-stopping, trendsetting, original Reels?

"We sold out our first product, with only 3 reels. A 5-figure product launch!"

Wait a minute! 🤚 

Let’s talk about the difference between Rise With Reels and Reels Queens.

They’re different courses for different business owners at different stages. 

Here’s what you need to know 👇


For business owners who want to go from beginner baby Reeler to intermediate Reeler

You’re ready to learn the foundations of Reels so you can start using them to grow your business.

You’re not used to being in front of the camera so much and you want to invest in building up your confidence. 

We teach you the basics, like how to record a Reel, what buttons to press and when, how to edit, where to put the text, and how to create popular transitions.

You’re happy learning how to use trending reels and sounds, so your Reels can gain momentum and get you more followers and sales.

You want easy-to-follow tips, tricks and techniques so you can get some quick wins.

There’s no community element to Rise With Reels, and that’s okay because you just want to do the work and then start implementing your new Reels skills ASAP.

reels queens

For BOSS business owners who want to go from intermediate Reeler to Queendom 👑

You’ve been using Reels to grow your business for a while (with mixed results).

Now, you’re ready to dial it up and use Reels to double your income and become the go-to leader in your industry.

Being in front of the camera is where you feel most confident.

You’re ready to skip to the part where your business goes global with Reels.

You already know the basics. 

Instead, you’re ready to learn advanced cinematography skills, film technology, and the psychology of marketing so you can take your Reels and your business to the next level. 

You want to learn how to come up with original and creative ideas for Reels, so you can stop following the trends and start setting them. (Because that’s what industry leaders do).

You want to learn high-level skills and techniques that help you stand out from the crowd and create powerful and persuasive Reels. 

You get lifetime access to the Reels Queens Community, which includes accountability support and personalised feedback on your Reels every week.

You’re excited to connect and collaborate with other Reels Queens, because you know that being in a space full of leaders is one of the best investments you could make.

Between the two of us, we have university degrees in video marketing, communications, film and television, as well as journalism backgrounds.
We promise you, there’s a lot more for you to know and you cannot figure this out on your own. (Not even we could!)
Most importantly, if you’re a good fit for Reels Queens, you don’t want to figure it out on your own.
You want two experienced Reels coaches by your side and a supportive community who’ll hold you accountable and keep you consistent.

How much more is there to know about Reels? Surely I can figure it out on my own?

If you’re asking this question, Reels Queens probably isn’t for you.
This advanced course and community isn’t for business owners who are happy with Reels that are “just okay” or “doing alright”.
Reels Queens is for business owners who want to supercharge their business and skyrocket their sales.
A Reels Queen doesn’t aim for “enough”. They want to dominate their whole industry. 

I’m already making Reels. Isn’t that enough?

It sure is! Check out the testimonials and success stories scattered across this page. 
It’s clear that our actionable, easy-to-implement training has the potential to give you maximum ROI!
We know investing in yourself can feel scary. But you’ve been comparing yourself to successful Reels creators long enough. 
You know you’re ready for this.

Is Reels Queens worth the investment?

If you’ve taken Rise With Reels, you’re in the perfect position to graduate over to Reels Queens. 
You have all the foundational Reels skills you need. Now it’s time to turn it up a notch! We’ll even give you a special 10% discount!
If you haven’t taken Rise With Reels, that’s okay too.
As long as you know the Reels basics and don’t need our help putting together a simple Reel – you’re good to join! We’ll teach you the rest :)

“I have/haven’t done Rise With Reels. Is that okay?”

Here’s what other Queens asked before they decided to join…

So, you’re interested in Reels Queens but you’ve got a few questions? We’ve got you! 

We know you’re busy, so we made sure it only takes you an hour to work through the course content. (All our videos and tutorials are easy to implement and digest).
You get to decide how much time you spend on Reels creation and engaging in the Reels Queens Community. Of course, the more you do, the better your results will be :)

How much time does it take to complete the Reels Queens course?

We don’t offer refunds. All sales are final. 
We encourage you to be 100% sure about joining before you do. And if you do, we hope you’ll jump in with both feet. No regrets :)

What if I don’t like Reels Queens? Do you offer refunds?

Let’s get REEL (See what we did there?)

If you’re feeling left behind, it’s time to catch up, Queen! 👑

You can keep watching other people’s businesses and sales figures fly past yours...

Or you can do something about it.

Reels Queens is here to help you build the impactful global business you’ve been dreaming about, so you can stop watching what everyone else is doing and focus on your own journey to MASSIVE growth.

It’s about focusing on the marketing activities that’ll keep your business around in 10 years time. (Much longer than the impact of a viral Reel).

We’re talking sales, sustainability and success all wrapped up into a simple Reels strategy.

Is it easy? No. 

(But that’s why we’re here. We’ll teach you everything you need to know to get your business BOOMING!)

Is it simple? 

With our help…absolutely.









*Reelers from Rise With Reels get a 10% discount!

Ready to supercharge YOUR business with scroll-stopping, trendsetting, original Reels?