With the Rise With Reels Course, you're taught how to create Reels and the Group Coaching gives you the support you need to take your Reels to another level with group access to Mon and Alisha!

You'll receive feedback on your Reels, content ideas specific to your industry and brand, insider tips, tricks and accountability!

What's the Group Coaching aspect?

The A's to your Q's

In total, the course is 5 hours over 4 modules. One module is released every week and requires between 1-1.5hours every week.

How long will it take me to complete the course?

It's a 4-week program that is self paced so you can do it in your own time. However, we recommend for you to complete one module per week so you can participate in the weekly challenge

What is the format like?

This course is full of accountability and support! Not only do you get the course, but you also get:
◽ Access to our Instagram Reels Community Instagram page @risewithreelscourse where we updated you on all the new feature Instagram has brought out
◽ Weekly challenges to keep you accountable and start turning what you learnt into Reels
◽ Reel recording sessions with Monique and Alisha to show you our tips and tricks in realtime.
◽ Our Instagram Reels planning sheet (trust us, this is a HUGE time saver!)
◽ Our 2 eBooks - The Content Blueprint and Reely Ready for 2021 which helps you with content ideas, music suggestions and everything in between.
◽ Our Reels Checklist to make sure you have everything in order before you upload it so you can press post with confidence.

What else is inside the course?

Yes! When you press 'buy course' you can choose the option to do a payment plan.

Is there a payment plan?

We do! The course is in Australian Dollars, but when you purchase, this will convert to your currency. This is a global course, so we have students all over the world like; United States, UK, Egypt, Italy, India, Germany, Canada, NZ + so many more!

Do you accept all currencies?

No! Inside the course, we teach you how to use Reels without dancing it pointing. However, we do encourage you to get yourself in one of your Reels. We can help you gain the confidence to do this too!

Do I have to dance, point or show my face in my Reels?

That's perfectly fine! We teach you how to get the music feature on your account, or, different strategies you can use to include popular music on your Reels.

I don't have music on my account

Nope! We've designed it so it works well for personal brands, product-based and service-based brands.

Is this course just for personal brands?

Rise With Reels Course is a 4 week self guided course. If you would like support and access to Mon and Alisha - the group coaching option is perfect for you!

Is there support in
Rise With Reels Course?

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Rise With Reels

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Rise With Reels self-guided course where you'll learn how to create Reels, transitions and how to use them to stand out on Instagram to bring you $$!

4 week Reels Group Coaching + Reels Course where you'll get weekly live calls with Mon and Alisha to help skyrocket your Reels + unlimited access to the self-guided course!